Torrentz. all the info you will need to get started.

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Torrentz. all the info you will need to get started.

Post by DarknessFalls on Thu Oct 09, 2008 8:34 pm

You may ask what is a torrent how does it work and all that well....A torrent is a peer to peer downloader. Now i can get in depth on this and bore you to death OR we can just jump into the action.

Now lets get some torrents started go here and download. This is the program used to download.

I personally use that program because it is very small (under 1 mb) and works great.

Now that you have downloaded that double click it and go threw the steps ( like 1 or 2 just click ok and all that)
and with the torrent you download just drag it into utorrent and chose where to download. thats it you are done just let it download.

There are only 2 things you need to know and that is what a seeder is and what a peer is. Also look for torrents with high seeders and peers.

seeder - A seeder is a peer that has a complete copy of the torrent and still offers it for upload. The more seeders there are, the better the chances are for completion of the file.


A leech is usually a peer who has a negative effect on the swarm by having a very poor share ratio - in other words, downloading much more than they upload.

Now please seed when you are done in oreder to keep the torrents alive.


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