PS2 modding info you should read first.

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PS2 modding info you should read first.

Post by DarknessFalls on Tue Oct 14, 2008 8:09 pm

Alright there are many ways to do this. Such as a mod chip or a dvd that allows you to play burnt games on your ps2. While I am sure there are other ways to doing this these are the easiest. Also putting a hard drive on my ps2 really kicks some ass.

As much as soldering a small ass chip onto your motherboard of your ps2 sounds like fun I prefer to use a dvd called Swap magic. Swap magic simply tells the ps2 to play imported games such as ones you download in my other posts. Once you download the game u want you burn it to a cd and from there go to ur ps2 and put swap magic in there it loads u put the game im there and play. Now You can run of the cd OR use a hard drive. Making loading faster and its alot harder to scratch a hard drive than it is a cd or dvd.

In my next couple of posts i will tell you how to mod the ps2 with a mod chip, swap magic and also a hard drive.


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