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Best online FPS?

Post by Jebus on Wed Oct 15, 2008 5:00 pm

What do you lot think is the best online FPS? I can't decide between the two which I love. The best, imo is CS. The reason it's the best is 'cause well... Anyone who's been on it and isn't a cunt will know it's the best. Razz Don't give me any of this "CS:S is the best" crap, 'cause EVERYONE knows 1.6 is. I might be saying it's the best 'cause I kick ass at it - I'm not being *that* big headed - just join the server I go on. Wink

The other game I think is one of the best online FPS is Gunz. Personally I use ijji Gunz... I find it the best to meet people and mess around with - it's not all gaming. The only reason I think that this game is in the same league as CS is because a) it's free and b) YOU GET SWORDS XD K-style ftw? Okay, so I was never really good at the game... I think (I haven't been on it in ages) my account was level 30something. RS players don't let that fool you, 30 is reasonable. Smile

& your views are...?

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